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We bike to eat and eat to bike, especially during Rockies.  I have to admit, last year was the worst year for food we've ever had on Rockies so our expectations for this year were set lower than usual.

Perhaps the best meal of the trip award goes to Laughing Ladies in Salida.  After last year's horrible experience at the Laughing Ladies, I was surprised there were no objections to a return visit.  I had polenta followed by red snapper.  The polenta appetizer was prepared in a portabella mushroom sauce and the lightly breaded snapper was in very nice pepper sauce with an interesting slaw on the side.  I finished up with a wonderful chocolate tart.  Pat had the salmon on mashed potatoes which I've had in the past and know to be a winner.  In fact there was not a word of complaint except perhaps from David who would have preferred pizza.

An award for the best service, might also go to Laughing Ladies based solely on the improvement from last year.  When we first arrived our jaws dropped in unison at the realization that we would have the same waitperson that so thoroughly failed us last year.  No fear, however, as she redeemed herself with a flawless performance the second time around.

It was wonderful have live jazz played for us as we savorily ate dinner in Pegosa Springs and to be treated to vegetarian delights in Gunnison.  However, it was breakfast that I was looking forward to at our stops in Montrose and Gunnison.  The Daily Bread Bakery/Cafe (Montrose) and the Firebrand Cafe (Gunnison) are two of my favorite places to eat on the planet.  They are both tended to by women who care about food and their clients.  The food is prepared with care from quality ingredients and the faire of baked goods and sandwiches that are easy on the wallet.

Our group enjoys breakfast of pancakes and eggs at the Daily Bread in Montrose.  Evan makes the rookie mistake of getting buckwheat cakes which he regrets later on the climbs.  Dan's vast Rockies experience has him eating oatmeal this morning.
The rest of the group enjoys sticky buns that are fresh out of the oven.
The Silverjack restaurant in Montrose is a steak house but they have a fine selection of seafood and pasta as well.
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prepared by Joseph King