1998 Ride the Rockies Reports from the Field, Day Four

Wednesday, June 24 - Steamboat Springs

Today the tour takes a day off from the usual routine of packing up and heading out to assault yet another Colorado town. Instead, for the first time ever, Ride the Rockies will take a rest day. Or I should say, the participants will have a rest day because there were still lots of helpful volunteers around to help the riders find things to do.

Jack gets Refreshed in Steamboat

For my part, I considered several activities including horseback riding, tubing on the river, hiking, and mountain biking. While climbing to Rabbit Ears Pass yesterday I even thought about biking it again from the other direction on my day off. I've climbed it on bicycle before and it is a beautiful seven mile climb of smooth road that is slightly titled at a seven percent grade.

What I did do is still not totally accounted for and is a matter of considerable speculation. Perhaps it will be published in some future work entiled, "The Lost Days of ..."

Any account that is at least 10 percent accurate would have to include mention of the wonderful accommodations we had for our stay in Steamboat Springs. We stayed at the Snowflower Condominiums. This was made possible by my friends Maggie and Irv. It was made even more wonderful by the condo manager Keith who kindly helped us get our bags to and from the luggage trucks. He also give us suggestions as to what to do in Steamboat and indications as to what life in Steamboat Springs is like. We thank him, Irv, and Maggie dearly.

Joseph King

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