The Devner Post Ride the Rockies presented by NEWS4 Colorado

1999 Ride the Rockies Summary

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Here we have summations of the ride from various members of our group. Seven or us did the ride plus two others helped out in support. We all hail from Madison, Wisconsin

The ride is put on annually by the Denver Post. They send out applications in February and require that all applications be returned by the end of February. Then they choose a couple thousand at random. The ride usually takes place in mid-to-late June. The Denver Post is on-line: The ride is also online at where you can download applications when they become available.

Look for stories and more photos to be posted here in the future.

1999 Ride the Rockies Photo Sing Along

by Dan Spencer

The DJ seemed to like the raunchy song Stroke It. It does have a nice bicycle beat, so here are some more appropriate lyrics:

Have you ever
Ridden you bicycle
All day long.
Taking you wherever you want to go.
Pull the pedal up
Push the pedal down
Keep those pedals turning
So the wheels keep on whirling
Pedal to the East
Pedal to the West
Pedal to a diner for replenishment
Do you ride
Up high country passes
Climbing all morning
Pedal up the slope
Coasting down roads
Start it over again
Pedal to the North
Pedal to the South
We are never tired out

More Photos:

I know It's In Here | Where's that Bolt | Dennis at Ralph Loren's | If Robbie Can so Can I | Packed for Ride the Rockies

1999 Ride the Rockies Photo Preview

by Joseph King

Here are some photos from our 1999 tour of The Denver Post Ride The Rockies presented by NEWS4 Colorado. The official ride was 430 miles in the Colorado Rockies. The ride started in Durango and ended in Colorado Springs.

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